Passionate about Light

We (Malou & Andreas) both feel a strong calling to look at the darkness inside. Both have been investigiating our darkness and our light from a young age, starting with yoga, meditation, inner work and a course in miracles. As the lights came into our lives miraculously we both felt it was a beautiful sign of this process. As we already had a name for our company “Spread The Light” it felt as a logical next step to sell lamps. The ‘magic of bamboo’, being able to grow very rapidly and to regenerate after been cut down is for us a beautiful symbol of this inner work.

The production

The core of the company is in Vietnam where a family takes care of the production in a home factory making a good living for themselves and their employees. We are proud to be able to contribute to their lives by offering a fair price for a beautiful product. 

History - Bambooban

Before the start of Spread The Light there was Bambooban. Christof the founder and artist has been captivated by bamboo for twenty years. Selling it on various markets in Europe. Due to the COVID pandemic he felt it was time to hand over the company to a new generation. He will keep an active role in the company on the background. 

What our customers say

Synead Lynch
The Hague

The light is beautifully designed and emits a soft, comforting glow In the room. I use it just before bedtime as I listen to some relaxing music. It has a noticeably calming effect.

Ineke Wijnen
The Netherlands

Recently I bought the Robustus Small tea light. I like it very much. It spreads an atmosphere of tranquility and rest. And it is also cosy as well.

Harrie van Bruggen
The Netherlands

Beautifully finished lamps create atmosphere!



Spread The Light
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