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Bamboo And Its Sustainability

More people than ever before are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our natural resources and becoming more sustainable, so it isn’t too surprising that so many consumers are now looking for alternatives to plastic that are natural and biodegradable. 

One of those options is bamboo. One of the most sustainable materials on the planet, bamboo is amazingly durable and strong while also minimising the damage that we do to the planet. Here are just a few reasons why bamboo is a wonderfully sustainable choice. 

It Grows Super-Fast! 

One of the reasons that bamboo is such a sustainable resource is that it’s the Earth’s most rapidly growing plant. It can reach full size within just four months – far less time than a standard tree which takes over 30 years to grow. With the right growing conditions, bamboo can reach 3 feet in height within 24 hours! 

When bamboo is cut down it rapidly regenerates, so it really is a gift that keeps on giving! That means it’s an incredibly sustainable solution thanks to its natural renewing properties. Furthermore, no chemicals or pesticides are needed when bamboo is harvested, so it is cultivated naturally, and it won’t harm the environment.


Strength And Durability

Bamboo has earned itself the name “green steel” due to its strength and versatility. It’s even possible to build an entire home from this impressively robust plant! Not only is bamboo durable and strong, it’s also lightweight, and when cared for properly, items made from bamboo can be used over and over with no worries about deterioration. 

Community Benefits

Producing and manufacturing bamboo helps to sustain traditional industries in communities, creating jobs for people who live in areas with a need for greater economic and social stability. We have the core of our company in Vietnam, and a family-run home factory handles our production needs. We give them a fair price and they give us beautiful products, enabling us to contribute to each other’s lives in a positive way. 

Bamboo Helps The Environment

The environment benefits from bamboo forests as a whole, since this productive plant is an efficient storer of carbon. In fact, bamboo can absorb twice as much carbon dioxide as a standard tree, and it can also generate a huge amount of oxygen too – as much as 30% more than the majority of other trees and plants. 

That makes bamboo a carbon neutral solution for sustainable living. Not only that, but bamboo has strong roots, making the soil far more stable and enabling the land to be stabilised and restored to guard against landslides. In any country that has a tendency toward landslides, bamboo forests are highly beneficial. 

Bamboo can grow on ground that is unsuitable for other types of agriculture, and that means that land use can be maximised without compromising the environment. 

Bamboo requires no water to grow, which makes it a great option in areas where water resources are limited. Since conserving water is also important to protect the environment, bamboo is a great plant for sustainability.

Bamboo also helps to protect endangered species and promote biodiversity by creating a home for all kinds of creatures. Bamboo forests protect and save the species that live in the forest, providing both food and shelter. 

Choosing Bamboo Products

As you can see, bamboo is wonderfully sustainable, which makes it a perfect material for the world of tomorrow, where sustainable living will become increasingly important. 

As it has all the same technical properties as hardwood, bamboo has the potential to be the wood of the future – a material that protects the environment, helps community, and makes everyone’s lives better. 

Not only are bamboo products eco-friendly, they’re also beautiful. With one of our gorgeous handmade bamboo lamps in your home, you can surround yourself with the beauty of nature safe in the knowledge that your purchase is protecting it. 

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